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Dec 1-2 | 8 AM - 5 PM MT

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Emotional Intelligence is the SECRET SAUCE!

What to Expect:

Leadership Evolution: Explore innovative approaches to leadership that leverage emotional intelligence and advanced analytics for transformative results.

Team Engagement: Foster a culture of collaboration and engagement. Learn how Vibeonix can enhance communication and strengthen bonds within your team.

Client Connections: Elevate client interactions with insights derived from voice analytics. Create a lasting impact by understanding and responding to client emotions effectively.

Simplified Implementation: Gain hands-on experience with Vibeonix technology. Learn how to seamlessly integrate it into your business practices for immediate positive change.

Our Promise: Subscribe technology by applying our training and 10x your investment

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Take your understanding of Emotional Intelligence to the next level using Voice AI Technology

The event is presented by Vibeonix. 



Kristi Holt is a co-founder of Vibeonix, a revolutionary conversational app
that helps individuals comprehend their emotions. Kristi experienced difficulty
dealing with unfamiliar emotions like fear, loneliness, stress, and anger, which
led her to recognize the potential of technology in helping us understand our
emotions and ourselves better. Vibeonix’s advanced voice analysis AI can
accurately detect and measure your emotional intelligence and 12 key emotions.
This specialized technology has been developed through decades of global
open-source research and over 100,000 case studies. As the dataset expands,
our results become even more precise, continually improving. The Vibeonix app
enables clients to reconnect with their authentic selves, leading to a healthier
and happier life. Join us on this transformative path with Vibeonix!


Bryan, a psychology graduate from BYU, is passionate about uplifting people daily. With a background in teaching, leadership, and global business, he specializes in reading people and connecting across diverse cultures. As the Director of International Sales for major corporations and extensive work with embassies and various communities worldwide, Bryan brings a wealth of experience. Describing himself as a “happily married marriage counselor,” he excels in public speaking, coaching, and teaching universal truths like emotional awareness and clear communication. Bryan, a co-founder of an AI company focused on machine learning and natural language processing, is eager to contribute his expertise to Vibeonix.

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Day 1: Decmber 1 2023

Navigating the AI Revolution

Day 2: December 2 2023

Emotional Intelligence