Transform Your Coaching Or Therapy Practice
With Voice AI Technology


YOU can be the key to unlocking your client’s full potential
(as well as your own) as a 
Certified Emotional Intelligence Guide!


Are you a Coach, Therapist or Practitioner?

In your practice, are you often asked these “how can  I…” questions :

…Improve my mental health and what techniques can I use to manage my anxiety and cope with stress?

…Increase my self-confidence, and become more assertive?

…Set healthy boundaries with others, manage my time and prioritize tasks more effectively?

…Let go of the past and move forward?

…Become more mindful and present in my life?

What if you could be guided in providing solutions to the toughest questions
you’re tasked with finding answers to – for your valuable clients?

Here’s the thing: coaching and therapy do not always work because they require a certain level of commitment and dedication from both parties involved.

Coaching and therapy are not quick fixes either! They require time, effort, and willingness to take responsibility for one’s life and choices.

Additionally, the answer, and ultimately the SUCCESS, of coaching and therapy, often depends on the Coach or Therapist’s experience, expertise, and the amount of trust that has been built between the professional and client.

If any of these elements are lacking, the process may not be successful – for either party.

Enter Vibeonix.

Vibeonix provides caring, forward-thinking Coaches, Therapists & Practitioners, like you, with an evidence-based app and comprehensive digital platform that gives YOU the ability to collect and track important data.

You will be able to measure your client’s progress in real-time on the Vibeonix app, as it offers data-driven analytics that provides insights into their progress, allowing your client to make more informed decisions and adjust their approach as needed. 

Vibeonix also provides feedback and guidance, along with personalized recommendations, to ensure that clients are getting the most out of the app. 

And as you know, it’s vitally important to track progress over time and identify areas of improvement and further development = client’s potential, unlocked!

Hi, I’m Kristi Holt I started Vibeonix with my husband, Ryan.

I experienced, firsthand, what it’s like to have feelings and emotions that I didn’t understand. I was having difficulty processing fear, loneliness, stress and anger. 

It was a dark time for me. 

But I also knew, that at that time, technology could empower us to understand our emotions and ourselves better – and I’m excited to make that technology accessible to everyone

Feelings aren’t just obstacles to navigate; they’re bridges to meaningful connections, and our emotions are thoughts in action. 

That’s where Vibeonix came in… the revolutionary conversational app that helps you understand your emotions.

With our state-of-the-art voice analysis AI, we can detect and measure your emotional intelligence and 12 key emotions.


This specialized technology was built over decades of open-sourced research around the globe and over 100,000 case studies were tested. As the data set continues to grow, the results continue to get even more accurate. It just keeps getting better!

The Vibeonix APP helps clients get in touch with their true selves. Then, through their journey of healing, feeling (and understanding) their emotions can help people connect more deeply to themselves – and to others – leading to a healthier, happier life!

Bring ease to complex emotions.
Talk it out. Feel better!

Coaches, Therapists & Practitioners
JOIN US in our mission to guide and support people in
harnessing their emotions… as their superpower!



Emotional Intelligence Guide


But WHY is Emotional Intelligence such a hot topic right now?

Patient listening to his psychologist advice

It is the ability to identify and regulate 
one’s emotions and understand the
emotions of others.

Empathic female psychologist holding female client's hand giving mental professional support

Having a high level of emotional
allows you to empathize
with others
, build relationships,
communicate more effectively, and be
both socially and self-aware.



This can, in turn, lead to better
relationship building, stress reduction,
and the ability to defuse conflict
, and it
has been shown to improve job


Going much deeper into your own understanding of Emotional Intelligence, and being able
to use the versatile tools in your practice — as
a coach, therapist or teacher to help your
clients achieve better outcomes.


How exhilarating it would feel to know
exactly how
to help your clients improve
their emotional intelligence,
track deep
insights along the way, and provide
measurable outcome – that you can see.

(This also means imagining a future where
you never have to worry if your clients are
achivieng success!)


Gaining an edge over the competition by
becoming an early adaptor of emotional
intelligence technology — to generate the
most desirable results for clients.

Asian business woman talking phone with client and smile. High quality photo

Becoming an industry leader and
maximizing the growth of your practice
by harnessing the power of emotional
intelligence technology — for your

Smiling Asian businesswoman sitting at a table in a modern office using a laptop with colleagues working in the background

 Increasing your bottom line by tapping
into multiple revenue streams with
Emotional Intelligence Guide Certification
and Voice AI Technology!

“Vibeonix has been a game-changer for me!

I’ve been able to gain a much better understanding of my emotions and how they are influencing my life decisions.

This has allowed me to make more informed decisions with confidence and clarity 

I highly recommend Vibeonix to anyone who wants to gain emotional intelligence & focus and clarity.”

Kyle, Entrepreneur & Leadership Coach

“I’ve been using Vibeonix for a few months now and it has been an invaluable tool for improving my emotional intelligence. 

The resources provided have helped me to learn how to take accountability for my feelings and how they affect my life. 

I’m now feeling more empowered to make healthier choices and no longer feel like a victim. Highly recommended!”

Yaxaira, Customer Success Coach


Through our comprehensive coursework, you’ll learn the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and how to apply the technology in practical settings.

The Certified Vibeonix Emotional Intelligence Guide Certification Program by
Vibeonix covers topics such as…



And why not invest in a simple solution to generate a recurring monthly income stream that works for you around the clock?!


Emotional Intelligence Guide Certification


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What People Are Saying About

“I found the Vibeonix assessment to be quite on point and informative: my results were full of sorrow. 

I had lost my best friend to heart disease a few months earlier and was surprised that the results would highlight something I didn’t anticipate in advance.

Very important with vast potential benefits.”

Mark Hales, Former President/CEO of All Bank

“Exceptional I couldn’t stop smiling because, time after time, I felt deep done that the results were not only accurate, they were showing me the path to experience my ultimate capacity for JOY!

I am so grateful that this tools exists and has been made available to me!
This is a tool that opens the door for a complete transformation!”

Jeremy Neves, Entrepreneur & Founder,
Abundant Consulting

“As a therapist, I have found Vibeonix to be an invaluable tool in helping my clients better understand their emotions. The interactive and engaging visuals make it easier for clients to identify and recognize their feelings and how they are impacting their lives.

It also helps them to find new ways to express and process their emotions.

I highly recommend Vibeonix to any therapist who wants to provide a more comprehensive emotional education to their clients.”

Jennifer, Supervisor Therapist

“My experience with the Vibeonix voice technology assessment was mind-blowing.

Between the depth and breadth of information provided with the assessment, I could identify areas in my life that I could immediately work on to improve. 

It identified emotion in play that I wasn’t aware of.

Randy Scott, Author, Motivational Speaker 

“I started using the Vibeonix app to gain self-awareness about my emotions and the energy I was putting out into the world.

Even though I didn’t understand the concept at first, I found that it helped me to understand how my emotions were affecting my relationships.

With this newfound insight, I was able to shift my relationships and restore the balance between us. I’m so glad I found the Vibeonix app – it was truly life-changing!”

Wendy Bunnell, Life Coach


No, as each Certification is on a personalized one-to-one basis.

  • 3-days only
  • Starts Thursday, August 3-5, 2023
  • Presented by CEO Kristi Holt

No! Once enrolled, you will receive a special on-time offer on app membership:

  • 5 licenses $199 annually
  • 25 licenses $499 annually
  • 50 licenses $699 annually

Emotional intelligence is THE KEY to understanding your emotions…
and unlocking the power
in them.

We strongly believe that our emotions are
what makes us FEEL alive!

Our Emotional Intelligence Guide Certification Program is designed to help you understand the power of emotions and develop the skills and insights needed to become an expert facilitator.

We want to learn from us and teach it to others in order to educate them that emotional intelligence is vitally important and a marker of success in all of our lives.

We’re looking forward to helping you on your journey to becoming an Emotional Intelligence expert and industry leader in your field.

Interested in LEARNING MORE about the
Emotional Intelligence Guide Certification
Program — and getting better, measurable
outcomes for your clients?